Hello! This is Erica and she's wearing braces (yes, right now)

What is InBrace?

InBrace is an advanced orthodontic treatment that provides a convenient solution for straightening your teeth. It is a highly sophisticated and sought after treatment. It works through a Smartwire that is placed behind your teeth and gradually straightens your teeth. The Smartwire is not visible to anyone else. Inbrace allows you to have a beautiful smile without affecting your confidence.
Invisible to the rest of the world. Start seeing results in just a few weeks.
Ability to brush and floss normally.
Fewer trips to our office. Convenient treatment option.

How InBrace works

The Smartwire is customized for you and gradually moves your teeth to their desired position with GentleForce Technology.

You’ll start noticing results in just weeks

Step 1:

One of our highly trained team members will scan your teeth.

Step 2:

After a few weeks, we will place the customized Smartwire behind your teeth.

Step 3:

The treatment runs on autopilot. The Smartwire exerts a continuous gentle force on your teeth to position them rightly. Dr. Walker will of course be keeping a close watch on your progress throughout and is here to help you every step of the way.

WOW from the inside out.

Why is InBrace a Game-Changer?

  • It is undetectable and completely unnoticeable. It will be like a secret known only by you and our staff.
  • Rapid results. Starts giving results in weeks.
  • Live a normal life. Eat your favorite foods, drink your favorite beverages, floss and brush normally. No need to let treatment get in your way

Why InBrace is different

Rapid, Effortless & Undetectable Treatment

InBrace is a smarter way to straighten your malpositioned teeth without having to wear visible braces or trays.


A convenient solution that shows results faster than other alternatives. We understand that you have things to do, other than making trips to your orthodontist.

The Smartwire is unlike anything else 

  • InBrace is an innovative and unique orthodontic treatment that doesn’t affect your looks. No trays. No visible wires.
  • After the placement of the Smartwire to the back of your teeth, GentleForce technology corrects the position and alignment of your teeth gradually.
  • Enjoy your life to the fullest. Eat and drink the things you love without worrying about messing up your braces.
  • Save time. With InBrace, you have to make fewer trips to our office, which gives you more time for yourself.
  • Be confident. It is an aesthetic solution to your orthodontic problems that allows you to smile without worrying about your appearance.
Learn More about InBrace at inbrace.com