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Orthodontic treatment is more than just braces and straightening teeth. Orthodontist, Dr. Walker designs each of her treatment plans based on her philosophy of maximizing facial and smile esthetics to create broad beautiful smiles.

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100% custom-made braces. Dr. Walker will use lightforce technology to build custom braces for you (or your child) with precise movements. This ideal customization means that the overall treatment time is faster and requires few office visits.

She custom builds your Lightforce braces with precise movements. This ideal customization means that the overall treatment time is faster and requires few office visits.  The custom process is complete in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: We scan your teeth instead of taking messy, gag-inducing impressions.
Step 2: For faster treatment, we plan and program the treatment upfront so teeth move directly to their final destination instead of fixing unwanted movement as we go.
Step 3: Instead of using the same bracket for every tooth, each Lightforce bracket is 3D printed to fit the contour of each of YOUR teeth. This greatly reduces brackets breaking off the teeth practically eliminating emergency appointments.
Step 4: Since each bracket is 100% customized for each tooth, patients report a much more comfortable experience than patients who use silver braces.

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Damon Ultima

At Walker Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in offering the latest and best braces technology. The Damon System is an innovative technology that combines passive self-ligating brackets (braces) and high-tech archwires to work together as a low-friction, low-force system. The Damon Philosophy uses light forces to work in harmony with the muscles of the face, bone and tissues in such a way that minimizes patient discomfort and enables treatment with fewer extractions and lighter overall forces.

By using a special sliding mechanism designed to move naturally with your teeth as they are realigned during treatment, patients experience a number of benefits when compared to traditional braces.

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This completely customized system uses a Smartwire that sits behind your teeth so only you and your orthodontist know it’s there. A virtually invisible orthodontic treatment, there is no metal mouth, visible stains, nor trays. And no need to remove and replace aligners or losing trays.

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spark aligners

Spark is a nearly invisible aligner that has a few advantages over other aligner including comfort and clearness. The aligner material is manufactured with polished and scalloped edges designed to provide a more comfortable treatment experience. The material has also shown to allow fewer stains over time for a cleaner appearance.

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If you want to enhance your smile and straighten your teeth but do not like the way braces look, you still have options. One of those options is Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear aligners to gently but quickly move teeth into place according to Dr. Walker’s expertise.

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Early treatment

While every child might not need early treatment, the American Association of Orthodontists does recommend an orthodontic consultation for all children by age 7.

An orthodontist can evaluate your child’s tooth eruption and facial growth at this age and determine if early treatment can help correct uneven jaw growth, a crossbite, overbite, underbite or sleep disturbances and habits such as thumbsucking.

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After all of the hard work and investment you have made in achieving your beautiful smile, you wouldn’t want your teeth to move back to where they started!

There are several types of retainer options: clear, colorful, permanent and removable. Depending on your treatment, Dr. Walker will recommend the best option for you to maintain your results.