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Orthodontic treatment is more than just braces and straightening teeth. Dr. Walker designs each of her treatment plans based on her philosophy of maximizing facial and smile esthetics to create broad beautiful smiles. She believes in conservative treatment and moving teeth in the healthiest way possible. Your beautiful smile is the result of thorough diagnosis, specialized care, and treatment with the latest advancements in the field!

Damon Q2 System

The Damon System is an innovative technology in orthodontics that uses a combination of passive self-ligating brackets and high-tech archwires that work together as a low-friction, low-force system. The Damon Philosophy is unique in that the light forces work in harmony with the muscles of the face, bone and tissues in such a way that minimizes patient discomfort and enables treatment with fewer extractions.

By using a special sliding mechanism designed to move naturally with your teeth as they are realigned during treatment, patients experience a number of benefits when compared to traditional braces.
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Damon Clear

Just like the Damon Q2 System, Damon clear offers an innovative approach to orthodontic treatment that allows for a more efficient, comfortable, and esthetic treatment than traditional braces.

These “passive self-ligating” brackets allow for reduced friction and the ability for teeth to move in a more natural way to line up the teeth and create a beautiful, broad smile.

Damon Clear brackets are a great alternative for patients interested in an esthetic orthodontic treatment but are not interested in clear aligners.

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Early treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic consultation for all children by age 7. Not every child needs treatment at that age, but it’s important to begin evaluating tooth eruption and facial growth at this age to determine the best time to begin orthodontic treatment. There are a number of reasons why early treatment (Phase I) might be beneficial for your child:
  • Crossbite
  • Uneven growth of the upper and lower jaws
  • Excessive overbite or underbite
  • Open bite
  • Sleep disturbances and habits (i.e. thumbsucking)
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Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile goes beyond just straight teeth. Many people have teeth that are stained or have darkened with age. Tooth whitening lightens the teeth and removes stains and discoloration. We have a number of different whitening options to cater to your specific needs and are excited to deliver the best possible outcome for you!

Gingival Recontouring

A beautiful smile is the result of careful attention to both tooth alignment and the shape of gums. Oftentimes, the most esthetic outcome can only be achieved by reshaping the gums in addition to orthodontic treatment. Dr. Walker offers laser gingivectomies with the most advanced laser in the field to create that final touch of an outstanding smile.


After all of the hard work and investment you have made in achieving your beautiful smile, you wouldn’t want your teeth to move back to where they started! That’s where retention comes into play. There are several types of retainer options: clear, colorful, permanent and removable. Depending on your treatment, Dr. Walker will recommend the best option for you to maintain your results.

Damon Q2 Benefits:

  • Faster Treatment Time – Damon treatment may be up to 7 months shorter than traditional braces
  • Fewer Appointments – The Damon System requires little in-office maintenance
  • Comfort – Patients have reported 60% less pain and discomfort with Damon braces
  • Convenience – The Damon braces are much easier to keep clean
  • Better Oral Hygiene – There are minimal places for plaque and bacteria to accumulate
  • Success – Damon braces effectively correct severe crowding, rarely require extractions, and have a low relapse rate
  • Outcomes – the Damon Philosophy emphasizes smile esthetics in addition to healthy, stable bites

Early Treatment

Traditional treatment usually involves a palatal expander and sometimes limited braces on the adult teeth. Each child is unique and requires a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best possible outcomes. At Walker Orthodontics, we believe in providing the most comfortable experience especially for your young child. We offer a fully digital process, which means that your child will not have to have a goopy impression or an extra appointment to place separators! All appliances (i.e. palatal expanders) are custom 3D printed from a quick and easy scan of your child’s teeth.

Aside from traditional phase I treatment, Walker Orthodontics is proud to offer the latest technology in Phase I: Invisalign First. This type of treatment is Invisalign’s treatment for children with baby teeth present. Kids love how comfortable, easy, and fun Invisalign treatment is – all while working to achieve the best results!

Dr. Walker looks forward to meeting you and your child to create the most optimal treatment plan, whether that be inviting your child to our “kids club” to monitor growth and tooth development or starting Phase I treatment.

Accelerated Treatments


VPro5 uses high-frequency vibration to ensure a better fit of aligners. By improving the fit of trays, the teeth track better and leading to more predictable results. As an additional benefit, because the aligners were fitting better to the teeth, I was needing fewer refinements and was able to treatment plan for more difficult movements. With VPro5 patients experience the following advantages:
  • More treatment predictability
  • Fewer refinements
  • Less discomfort
  • Better patient compliance with a 5-minute usage time
  • Greater patient satisfaction


Orthodontics patients often wonder if there are any tricks to make their treatment go faster. While it isn’t a trick per se, Acceledent can help teeth move faster, reducing treatment time by as much as 50 percent. Patients use it just 20 minutes a day.

Acceledent is a portable device that can be used hands-free. There are two parts to the device: a mouthpiece and an activator. It uses SoftPulse technology that is gentler than an electric toothbrush to facilitate movement. In addition to helping teeth move faster, these pulse can stimulate bone remodeling.

Acceledent is proven safe and FDA approved. It is pain free and can actually help you experience less discomfort when wearing braces. Patients of all ages can benefit from using Acceledent.