walker orthodontics



Our boutique, single-doctor practice strives to provide the best possible outcomes and experience by using the latest technology, specialized doctor expertise, and dedicated team for the best in office experience.

what sets us apart

doctor led patient care

We believe to achieve the best possible care and treatment outcome, your Orthodontist has to be involved in every appointment. While other offices might have multiple Doctors, a large staff or be owned by a large corporation, this can sometimes get in the way of the best possible care. We’re passionate about having a personal relationship, listening to our patients, and treating every patient like they are family, everytime they walk through our door.

what sets us apart

latest technology

Our office is a completely digital office using the best technology available in Orthodontics. We use a digital scanner to get the most accurate scans (no more goop in our office), the highest quality and most advanced braces, and offer completely custom made braces on the inside (lingual) and outside of your teeth. By offering the latest technology, we can make your treatment time more efficient (fewer appointments and weeks in treatment) with less forces, so you are more comfortable while in treatment.

what sets us apart

Boutique style office

Our boutique-style practice concentrates on quality and patient-centered care.  We believe in using the highest quality products and latest technology to deliver the best possible experience and outcome.  As a single Doctor practice, Dr. Walker cares deeply about all of her patients and is involved in every step of your treatment.  You’ll be seeing her at every single visit to our office!

what sets us apart

We have a puppy!

We understand that visiting a Doctor of any kind can sometimes be stress inducing. That’s why we have Auggie here to make everything better! Auggie is a therapy dog in training and absolutely loves comforting patients of all ages.

what sets us apart


At Walker Orthodontics, we understand that your time is valuable. While we focus on offering an enjoyable in-office experience, we love that we can take advantage of technology and offer remote monitoring for those visits that do not require you to be in the office. This means that your child doesn’t have to miss as much school and that you won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to go to visit the orthodontist.
Each new patient is set up with the Grin remote monitoring system, which enables you to take a scan right from your phone. Dr. Walker will monitor your progress throughout your treatment to ensure that everything is right on track.  We believe this not only creates a more convenient experience for you, but also ensures that treatment is efficient and effective.

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